Everyone loves natural light which we normally get from standard windows.  However, sometimes it is not possible to place a window in a room.  This is especially the case with small utility rooms like closets. Solar tube skylights are a perfect solution as they bring the outside light down a reflective shaft and into the room.

I have installed many Velux skylights over the years.  They are reliable and if they are installed properly they will not leak.  Velux has gone a step further with solar tube evolution by harnessing the sun.  On this install, I have inserted a small solar panel with LED lights. This gadget also has a photocell that turns it on once it becomes dark outside.  The result is a soft nightlight type glow in the closet.  Free light, even at night from the sun!

A soft LED glow in a dark closet.

The LED gadget ready to be inserted into the solar tube.

Solar cell/LED gadget inserted in the solar tube.