As you may recall I’m completely renovating a townhouse in Chicago’s western suburbs. Several months ago I removed the basement’s floor and dug down an additional 12 inches. I’m now in the process of adding the drains for a basement bathroom and laundry room. See the photos below.

Using marking paint to define where the new drains will be.
Using an impact hammer makes it easier to cut through “brick-like” clay.
The clay was very hard and brick-like.
Close up of the clay.
Consulting with my plumber.
New PVC lines. Here I’m opening another channel.
1:Bathroom shower drain, 2: Bathroom vent stack, 3: Bathroom toilet, 4: Utility room floor drain, 5: Washer discharge pipe, 6: Laundry room floor drain, 7: Ejector pit, 8: Sump pump pit.