I am replacing a concrete slab in a customer’s garage.  It had been damaged by a house fire, and could not be cleaned.

The old concrete was jackhammered into removable chunks.  Then the base was leveled and compacted.  A vapor barrier was then placed and forms were added.  This particular floor didn’t need a wire mesh support since it already had fiberglass strands added to the concrete mix.

Concrete work is very labor intensive.  After it is pound it has to be floated (smoothed) quickly before it sets.  Expansion joints need to be added.  These are the cut lines that you see in concrete that control cracking.

I always use expert concrete contractors.  No mistakes can be made when you dealing with concrete.

So what are the two guarantees that concrete gives?  One, it will always crack, which is why we put in expansion joints.  Two, no one will ever steal it.

If you need any concrete work done, please give me a call.  My expert quotes are free.


The poured concrete has a fiber mesh in it. This avoids using a steel mesh.

New concrete being poured.

New concrete getting its rough finish.

Final finish.

Speedcut concrete saw.

Detailed view of a cut. The white reside is concrete dust.

Floor done!