One of the last things that I do when I complete a bathroom is to hang the mirror.  Hanging a mirror is a simple DIY project, but it isn’t uncommon to have to readjust a crooked or misplaced mirror.  There also can be some mess.

You can eliminate these problems by following a few simple steps.

-Place some masking tape where you plan to add your mounts.  This way you avoid any marks on the wall.
-Naturally, you want to measure (and measure again) carefully so that your mirror is properly positioned.
-Use a level to make sure that your mounting screws aren’t crooked.
-By using a vacuum when drilling you avoid dust from the drywall.  It is surprising how much dust you can generate from drilling a few simple holes.
-Hang your mirror.

By doing a little bit of prep work you can avoid additional mess, and get the job done correctly the first time.

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Placing masking tape.

Using a vacuum to reduce dust.

Adding wall anchors.

Mirror hung!