A metal roof can change your exterior from ordinary to beautiful.

A homeowner wanted us to modify their porch roof.  They added a gable over the front door, and that simple addition added style to their suburban home.  I suggested that they go one step further and add a metal roof to that portion of their exterior.

I have experience working with metal roofs, and after my initial measurements I contacted Chicago Metal Supply to ordered the supplies.

Installing a metal roof is more complicated than installing a standard roof.  Metal roofs use panels, and they have to be installed correctly.  Otherwise, their imperfections will be obvious to the onlooker.

I have been working in construction for 25 years, and during that time I have taken every opportunity to learn new techniques.  I never shy away from a project.  As you can see by the pictures, the final results are outstanding.

If you have any remodeling or construction needs please feel free to contact me for a free estimate.  I love challenges!


Porch roof.

Metal roof installed.