I’m installing modern cabinets in a kitchen remodel that I’m doing. Like most kitchens, there is an abundance of upper cabinets to be installed.

Cabinets are big, bulky, and heavy. Because of these facts upper cabinets can be tricky to install as they must be level and positioned exactly before they are attached to the wall. You don’t want to look at a crooked cabinet every morning when you are drinking your breakfast coffee!

My trim carpenter uses a cabinet lift device called a 3rd Hand. This device bears the weight of the cabinet allowing the installer to precisely position and mount the upper cabinets. The 3rd Hand make it possible for solo installation of upper cabinets. See the photos below to see how he uses it to make this tricky job much easier.

3rd Hand Support
Cabinets are big and bulky.
Finding the level and marking it. The 3rd Hand will be set at that level.
Here you can see the benefit of the 3rd Hand. It is doing the heavy lifting so we can make sure that the cabinet is mounted properly.
Mounting the cabinet.
Attaching the cabinet to the wall.