I recently completed a project in Naperville, and I will use the next few post to show you some of the significant changes that the owner made to their entire first floor.

One part of that renovation was to remove load bearing walls to open up the kitchen. In the process it was discovered that the current load bearing walls were not supported by the foundation underneath. This also resulted in bowing of the floor, which had to be strengthened and straightened. The HVAC ducts needed to be relocated, and the overall design of the kitchen was improved.

Although this constituted quite a bit of work, the results transformed a dark and dated kitchen to a modern showplace.

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The original kitchen was small and dark. Adjacent to it was an underused dining room, and a narrow hall way.
We opened up the hallway and dining room to create a fantastic, large space.
A center island was incorporated into the design with a huge quartz countertop.
The dishwasher and microwave were built into the island for maximum efficiency.
Unused space by the patio door was transformed into more storage and counter space. A wine rack was added at the customer’s request.
On the opposite side of the patio door a clothes organizer was added with shoe storage.
A view of the huge quartz countertop.
A view of the living room from the kitchen.
Another view of the kitchen.