In 1993 I bought a cell phone, and I thought I had arrived. I could take and answer phone calls from anywhere. In those days texting was not an option.

Over the years my reliance on using technology has increased, and I now have a complete mobile office.

I still need an actual office when I’m researching a project or completing a complex quote. However, technology makes it easier and easier to get the job done when I’m on the road.

Like most, I use an iPhone for calls, texting, and tethering. Connecting to my MacBook Pro to my phone gives that computer instant internet access. I also use an iPad Pro to consolidate information on a project, and to show potential customers high def photos of projects that I have completed.

Technology makes it easier for me to get job done and the ability to use that technology remotely allows me to get my work done wherever I am.

Working on a quote remotely.