You may recall that I enlarged both the basement windows and the window wells on the townhouse that I’m renovating. The window wells are a lower priority job on this project, and I’m continuing to work on them as time permits.

Below are some of my more recent efforts. Each step takes time and effort; what may seem like a simple process can be more complicated if you want to do the job correctly.

This gives you an idea of how large the new window wells are.
The window well drain exposed. I used a special tip on my pressure washer to flush out 40 years of sediment.
I have had this pressure washer for decades, and it has served me well.
Here I am removing loose dirt before I add gravel to the well.
I had to manually fill parts of well. I’m using gravel as it is non-compacting. I will place a patio here and I don’t want it to sink.
I also used my Bobcat to do some of the heavy gravel dumping.
The well now filled with gravel.
I really like this Bosch laser level.
Shimming window frames using the laser beams from the level as a guide.
Filling the gap between the window frame and the concrete wall with insulating foam. A little goes a long way. I’ll also caulk the outside of the frames.