I installed a ProVia door for a customer 6 years ago. I like ProVia doors because they are made very well. However, even quality doors can develop problems, which is why you always want to buy a door with a great warranty.

I was at that customer’s home doing another remodel and I noticed that the leaded glass panel in the door had shifted downward causing an unsightly misalignment. I called my ProVia rep who set the warranty claim in motion. A few weeks later a ProVia technician came to my customer’s home and replaced the entire glass panel free of charge.

My customer may have spent a bit more when he installed the door, but that was money well spent. He now has a door that looks as good as the day that it was first installed.

Old decorative glass showing gap between decorative metal and top of door opening.
The ProVia customer care van.
Defective decorative glass removed.
New decorative glass.
The finished door, as good as new!