I am doing a kitchen remodel in Woodridge.  The owner already had his bathroom done by another company about 6 months earlier. The spout on the tub was very wobbly and he asked me to look at it.

I was shocked to see how amateurish the work was.  The other construction company used quick connectors to attach the tub’s water supply to a new shower valve.  They then tried to stabilize the spout using wood shims.  Even in a DIY project, this would not be acceptable as it resulted in a wobbly bathtub spout.

Instead of calling back the original company he asked me to take a look at the problem.  I isolated the problem and stabilized the spout.

It is important to remember that all remodelers are not equal.  You may get a low bid, but you may also get low quality work.  The other company seemed to be interested in getting the job done as quickly as possible.  This resulted in a very poor job.

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Former remodeler used quick connectors.

Terrible amateurish fix to stabilize bathtub spout.

Spout now stabilized.

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