I’m always amused by home DIY shows that suggest that the process of demolition is fun and easy. It is neither. It is a systematic process that is both messy and potentially dangerous.

I have spent the last week demolishing the interior of the townhouse that I purchased, and I have quite a way to go. I thought I would show you this process in stages, as that is the way that it is done correctly. When you see a TV host with a smile, perfect outfit, makeup, and a sledgehammer, turn the other way. That is fake.

The first phase of any demo project is to remove those things that are easy. In most cases, this will be the major appliances and carpeting. I am fortunate to own my dumpster, which makes such tasks more convenient. See the photos below for more information.

All of the appliances must go.
Make sure that both the water and electricity are turned off to the dishwasher before disconnecting.
Make sure that the gas is off and disconnected properly.
It’s good to have your own dumpster.
Use a box cutter to cut your carpeting into manageable pieces.
Once cut the carpeting can be easily rolled up for disposal. In this case, the padding was glued to the floor, and had to be scraped off.
The appliances were taken to a metal recycler for further processing.