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Recent Articles

A Fancy Range Hood

You may recall that I created a custom anchor to secure a box/cement board for a vent hood so it would hold some granite pieces that had a total weight of around 400 pounds. I thought you may like to see the finished product. The box that I made which will serve as a...

Creating A Barn Door-DIY Project

If you have been following my posts you know that my friend and I harvested a number of hardwood trees last year. These were fallen trees that were slated to be ground into pulp. Many of them were white oaks, and so I decided to give them a new life by processing them...

Adding A Focal Point To A Room

Focal points add interest and texture to a room. Common focal points include fireplaces and built-in bookcases. However, both of these structures take up room space. That is OK when a room has the volume to accommodate them. However, when you are trying to maximize a...


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