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Recent Articles

Furnace Filter Chaos

I recently purchased a furnace filter off of Amazon. Its dimensions were correct in the description but when I tried to install it I was immediately aware that it was the wrong size. On closer inspection I discovered that it was one-quarter inch smaller in all...

Don’t Look In The Attic

A customer wanted me to improve the insulation in their attic. The first step in the process was to asses the situation, and I was very surprised at what I saw. He had bought the house over a year earlier and had the home inspected by a licensed home inspector....

A Quick Router Tip

A friend of mine has a camper van the he and I built. It has a boot box that he converted into a power station, and he is now upgrading that battery bank. He needed the front opening to be larger to accommodate his new gear, and he asked me for help. There are several...


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