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Recent Articles

The Amazing Festool Domino Tool

A customer had an older style brick mantel, and they wanted a more traditional wooden mantel. This was a process that included removing the old brick mantel while keeping the rest of the fireplace intact. Making the mantel involved joining a lot of wood, and for this...

Replacing A Subfloor

I'm doing an extensive renovation on a home that suffered water damage. A second-floor toilet leaked while the owners were on vacation, causing significant damage to all levels of their home. The majority of their 1st floor subfloor had to be replaced. See the photos...

Keeping Worksites Clean

I have been surprised at the mess that other contractors leave after they finish a job. Their customers pay for a job, and then they have the work of cleaning up a huge mess afterwards. It does take time to prepare a site to keep it clean. And it takes time to clean...


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