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Recent Articles

Correcting A Tiling Error

My tile man was in the process of installing a herringbone backsplash in a customer's kitchen. I checked on his progress and discovered that he had made an error, and the complicated pattern wouldn't be even on both sides. We could have continued and it is likely that...

A Use for AC Glue

AC glue is a water-based, cyanoacrylate glue that sets extremely fast. It has as many uses as the user can think of. In the following example I'm using it to quickly adhere a template for a circular drywall cut for a in-house sound system. See photos below. I placed...

What Has Happened To “Made In America”

It is common to get a product from overseas that is poorly manufactured. It is also common to use the refrain, "What what do you expect it was made in (fill in your choice of country). If a product was made in Germany, America, or Japan most of us would assume that it...


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