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Recent Articles

LVT-Luxury Vinyl Tile

Flooring trends come and go, and what was old becomes new and improved. Vinyl flooring has been around for a long time, but it was supplanted by ceramic, then porcelain, then wood flooring. Vinyl flooring is back, but it is very much improved from the stick-on tiles...

Removing A Mantel From A Brick Fireplace

A customer wanted to remove the mantel from his fireplace. The problem was that there were support bricks that were placed when the first masons originally bricked the fireplace. One option would be to remove all of the bricks and to replace them. This would be both...

A Sink Install That Was Not DIY Friendly

There are many projects that the home DIYer can accomplish with a little reading, or by watching some YouTube videos. However, there are other projects that are best left to professionals. A customer wanted me to install a bathroom sink. This was a free standing sink...


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