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Recent Articles

What’s Your “R?”

A customer was having significant problems with their roof. Ice dams were forming in the winter, and there was also signifiant condensation issues. A home produces a lot of moisture which finds its way into the attic. The attic was poorly insulated which caused...

From Flood Destroyed To Fabulous

A number of months ago I was contracted to restore a house that had major flood damage on all three levels of the residence. A second floor toilet leaked when the owners were on vacation, and this simple problem completely ruined much of the second, first, and lower...

Got Sink?

Not that many years ago it was simple to decide on what sink you wanted to use in a kitchen remodel. It was stainless or porcelain. However, over the years there have been many different options, not only in style, but also in finish. Lately, many remodels that I have...


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