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Recent Articles

How To Patch Drywall

A very common question that I get is, "How do you patch a hole in drywall." This process can be somewhat tedious, but a careful DIYer can accomplish it with a little effort. See the photos below for step-by-step directions. This customer had a leak upstairs which...

Before and After

When a family is in the middle of a remodel it can be difficult to believe that the job will every get done. This is especially true for kitchen makeovers. It can be tiring to go out to the garage to get something from the fridge, or to cook all of your meals in a...

A Staircase Makeover

A few posts ago I wrote about a staircase that I was modernizing. I thought you would like to see the final results. See below. The original staircase was in a dated 1980s style. We updated it to this more modern style. Note, that we also replaced the floor and did...


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