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Recent Articles

Getting Rid Of Old Insulation

I did a recent post on foam insulation. To put that insulation down we had to remove the customer's old inferior insulation. I thought it may be interesting to see how that is done. See the photos below. Here you see the original insulation. Below the blow-in...

Updating A Staircase

I recently did a major renovation for a home. The home was built in the 1990s, and its style reflected that period. Beyond major updates, like the kitchen, I also upgraded quite a few other areas of the home. One of those was the staircase to the second level. The...

What’s Your “R?”

A customer was having significant problems with their roof. Ice dams were forming in the winter, and there was also signifiant condensation issues. A home produces a lot of moisture which finds its way into the attic. The attic was poorly insulated which caused...


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