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Recent Articles

Clean Your Ducts

Over years heating and air conditioning ducts will fill up with debris. Some of it consists of dusts, but it is also common to find other things that have made their way into a home's heating system via the vents. This is especially true when you do a home remodel, as...

Getting Rid Of Old Insulation

I did a recent post on foam insulation. To put that insulation down we had to remove the customer's old inferior insulation. I thought it may be interesting to see how that is done. See the photos below. Here you see the original insulation. Below the blow-in...

Updating A Staircase

I recently did a major renovation for a home. The home was built in the 1990s, and its style reflected that period. Beyond major updates, like the kitchen, I also upgraded quite a few other areas of the home. One of those was the staircase to the second level. The...


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