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How To Turn Off Your Home’s Natural Gas

By municipal code, all gas lines have shut-offs located by the appliance that they are connected to. Of course, this makes sense. When I'm doing a kitchen remodel one of the first things that I do is to turn off these lines and then cap them. However, there are times...

A Room Transformation

Most people remodel a room to update it. Commonly, this is done to modernize an aging kitchen or bathroom. At other times an owner may want to open up a room, or to turn an unused space, like a basement, into a living space. However, on occasion, a customer will want...

An Economical Kitchen Refresh

I'm working on a project in a nice suburb of Chicago. The previous owners remodeled their small kitchen in the 1990s. The new owners moved into the house a few years ago, but they felt that the kitchen's appointments were too overwhelming and busy for such a small...


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