Over years heating and air conditioning ducts will fill up with debris. Some of it consists of dusts, but it is also common to find other things that have made their way into a home’s heating system via the vents. This is especially true when you do a home remodel, as it is impossible to completely isolate the HVAC system from the rest of the house. That dust will continue to cycle every time the HVAC system is on, circulating dirt and allergens throughout the home.

Duct cleaning services abound, but some do a very poor job. See the photos to see how duct cleaning is done correctly.

Using a scope you can see the debris in this duct.
The same duct cleaned out.
Here is another example. The large debris entered the system through the HVAC vents.
Now all clean!
Using compressed air (and a scope to view) to agitate the dirt so it can be vacuumed out.
The compressor used to blow air into the ducts.
Here is the Giant vacuum that is used to suck out all of the dirt.