The most recent phase of my townhouse remodel has been the replacement of the old roof. It was around 20 years old, and was showing its age by its faded and stained appearance. Beyond style issues the roof had areas of leakage and other spots of wear and tear.

A bad looking roof is like a bad haircut. It is the first thing that you see, and it leaves a poor impression.

The townhome is more of a duplex, and it shares walls with another unit. Naturally, my neighbor had to be on board with this aspect of my remodeling project. He was more than happy to update his roof, which will be done in a few weeks.

Many people think that a roof is just shingles, but a well constructed roof is a system of components that combine to give you protection from the elements.

The wood portion of the roof is called the deck, and it is the foundation that all of the other components are attached to. A synthetic underlayment is stapled to the deck.. This provides an initial water barrier. Flashing is added where there are openings in the roof, such as skylights. Additionally, an ice and water barrier is placed over the eve and valley regions. All of these components have to be properly completed before the shingles can be added.

There are many types of shingles based on their overall durability, and style. Shingles can add a tremendous amount of appeal to a house when chosen properly.

Other components of the roof includes the ridge vent which work in conjunction with soffit vents. These allow for proper airflow in the attic region of the house, which helps with the temperature control of the home as well as the longevity of the shingles. Venting must be done properly to achieve a desirable result. Improperly placed vents and fan vents can, at times, have a negative impact.

Below are some photos of this roofing project. If you are thinking about replacing your roofing or siding give me a call and I’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Here you can see the new roof and my neighbor’s old roof. His will be replaced in a few weeks.
Side view of the old roof.
Side view of the new roof.
The underside of the shingles. These feature an additional adhesive barrier for added longevity.
Fixed roof brackets and 2 x 6s added for safety.
Bundles of shingles placed for efficient work.
My Bobcat serves as a convenient platform.
Using a pneumatic nail gun specifically designed for roofing speeds up the shingling operation.
Close up of the new roof. Its unevenness will smooth as it settles.