Focal points add interest and texture to a room. Common focal points include fireplaces and built-in bookcases. However, both of these structures take up room space. That is OK when a room has the volume to accommodate them. However, when you are trying to maximize a room’s living space it is important to reduce permanently mounted items that impinge on that space. However, there are solutions that add a built-in focal point while maintaining the overall room volume.

Below is one example. I custom built this wall unit for my townhouse project. This unit will not only provide interest in the room, it will also become the home’s entertainment center. See the photos below.

Here you can see the wall unit that I custom built. It is flanked by two windows that also add interest to the wall. The two holes in the wall unit will house outlets for power and cable for a flat screen TV.
A long view of the room. You can see how your eyes are drawn to the unit.
A side view showing the entrance way.