Door building materials have to be durable and weather resistant. AZEK is a synthetic building material that is both. In addition to being weather resistant, it is mold, rot, and stain-resistant.

AZEK is the product name for carpentry materials made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic. This is the same material used for many plumbing pipes. As a plastic product, it can be shaped in many ways and textures can be formed on its surface. AZEK can be easily cut with standard tools like a table saw and pieces can be strongly bound together using a clear adhesive specifically made for the product. AZEK can be painted just like wood. Its one drawback is its price, which is more expensive than standard wood materials.

The following photos illustrate how to use AZEK planks to create an outdoor column.

This column is made from 4 planks of AZEK. The protective plastic covering with the AZEK logo will be removed when the project is completed.
AZEK can be molded to give the appearance of wood texture. Here you can see its protective plastic sheet partially removed. In addition, you can see a can of AZEK PVC Cement which is used to bind together pieces of the plastic.
I used a router to cut an interconnecting profile on the edges of the planks.
Here you can see how the various pieces connect with each other.
The interlocking pieces will be further bound with PVC cement and 18 GA finishing nails.