I have had a professional level paint sprayer for decades. My current model is Greco Air/Airless sprayer that sells for well over $3000. It is fantastic, durable, and will last me many years. However, the typical DYI’er can’t afford such an expensive device.

A sprayer offers many advantages over a brush or a roller. It can easily get into spots where the aforementioned items can’t. It can deliver an even coating that shows no brush marks, and it can get the job done faster and better than other methods.

Recently I was on a remodel job that involved replacing the baseboards on the first floor. I stained the wood and finished it off with several coats of topcoat. I didn’t want to dig out my regular sprayer, and so I picked up a consumer level sprayer at my local big box store. I’m sure that it won’t last more than a few jobs, but it did do the work and the results looked professional. You may want to consider such an item if you are doing your own DIY project. Don’t expect it to perform as well or to last as long, but the price is right. See photos below.

This is the sprayer that I picked up. Nothing fancy, but it did the job.
Using the sprayer made quick work out of putting on a finishing coat on these baseboards.
All plastic, and a small reservoir. However, it did the job.
This is the topcoat that I used.