I just finished a remodel on a nice home that was built in the 1970s. The home had a bathroom style that was fashionable at that time, but it is now very outdated.

The sink area was separated from the rest of the bathroom by a wall and door, and the door to the bathroom opened in such a way that it used up valuable wall space.

The bathroom had an old and unused whirlpool tub, and the cabinets and fixtures were quite dated.

I removed the wall between the toilet and sink to combine the spaces. In addition, I changed the regular door to the bath to a space-saving pocket door.

Whirlpool baths are not practical, and so I replaced their tub with a walk-in shower with a built-in seat.

Lastly, I updated the bathroom cabinets and fixtures.

See the photos below. The owners were delighted with the results.

The old dark cabinets. Note the separate room for the toilet and tub.
Modern cabinets, no separating wall, and a new tile floor modernize this space.
The old and unused whirlpool tub.
A modern shower where the tub used to be.
This wall was removed to make the bathroom larger.
Roll out drawer makes bending down easier.
This center cabinet adds valuable space to the bathroom.
I replaced a regular door with this pocket door.
Beautiful new cabinets.