A long-time customer is flipping homes, and he is using my company for some of the renovation work. He is currently remodeling a home in a very nice part of Naperville. The home was build in the 1980s, and its architecture is consistent with that era.

The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and private bath, but both are small compared to more modern offerings. Since these two features are very desirable to potential buyers he has decided to combine the bath and adjacent closet into one large bath. He also wants to convert the adjacent bedroom’s closet into a larger walk in closet for the master. This will require making another closet for that room.

Below are some early stage photos of that conversion. Although he is spending money on this project he hopes to reap the benefits of a more modernized home.

Here you can the former bath and closet. These rooms will be combined into one larger bath.
An adjacent room’s closet is being expanded and repurposed to become a new walk-in closet for the master.
Here you can see the new walk-in closet from an adjacent bedroom.
Removing the wall between the old bath and closet.
This will be the new closet for the adjacent bedroom.
The new closet will stick out a bit into the master. This is necessary to make the closet as large as feasibly possible.