As a general contractor I’m expected to give my clients a reasonable estimate to completion for any job. However, I’m often hampered by events well beyond my control. Here is one example. We ordered a $1,200 cabinet on-line for a bathroom. It took 2 weeks for it to arrive despite the fact that it was in-stock. I carefully examined its shipping container, which was intact and undamaged. However, when I opened the box it was clear that the cabinet was not only damaged, it was likely packed damaged. I spent over 90 minutes with customer service trying to get a replacement and had to got through three agents before someone did something. It will be at least several weeks more before the replacement cabinet arrives, and this will delay other aspects of the remodel. See photos below.

The back of the cabinet shows a large puncture that happened before the item was packed (the shipping container ws in good shape).
The same puncture the inside. It caused the drawer to be misaligned
Here you can see that the door won’t close. It would be impossible for the packer to miss this.
More damage here!