This has been a busy summer, but it has also had the imposed constraints of a global pandemic.

I was planning another backpacking adventure with my son, and we had hoped to return to Glacier National Park. However, many of the trails were closed.

Since I was busy it was easy to delay our trip. However, as the summer came to a close I knew that it was time to do something. When you are a camper/hiker social distancing is built in to your activities.

This year we traveled to Wyoming and beyond on our adventure. We camped in a dispersed campsite in Wyoming, and also traveled to Colorado and Utah. To keep safe we packed a lot of our meals, which I cooked using my single burner camp stove. All in all it was a wonderful, safe, and economical trip.

I love my job and I get great satisfaction from completing a task. However, there is no substitute for spending time with my son.

The trip is now over and I’m back working on my projects. If you need expert help with a remodeling project, please give me a call.

A hike at Curt Gowdy State Park in Wyoming.
Getting ready to hit the trails on our bikes. Here we are at a dispersed campsite in Medicine Bow National Forest.
We toured the Wyoming state capitol building. It was almost empty.
Relaxing after a hike to the hidden falls at Curt Gowdy State Park.