I am currently doing a bid on a property to replace damaged siding. When I examined the current siding I saw that despite being cedar siding, it had significant rot.

On closer examination the reason for this became clear. The siding was touching the roof shingles. This allowed water to wick up the siding planks, and over time significant rot occurred.

This problem could have been completely avoided if the former installer had done his job correctly. All that he would have had to do would be to cut the siding shorter so he could maintain an 1″ to 1 1/4″ gap between the siding and the roof. That simple step would have prevented the wood from wicking up rain water and eventually rotting.

There is a difference between cost and value. Low cost means little if you have to make an expensive repair later. When hiring a contractor make sure that they have both experience and a willingness to do the job right.

Rotting siding.