When doing a major remodeling job there are always additional jobs that need to be done. These can be very time consuming, and can delay your progress.

I’m remodeling a bath and laundry room. Both the plumber and the electrician need access to the ceiling which was full of blown-in insulation. Removing insulation by hand is a big and messy job. In addition, it is important to protect your lungs as there are usually many irritating little fibers.

I used a professional insulator who had the right tool to do the job quickly and safely. He had a large speciality vacuum on his truck and about 100 feet of vacuum hose. The vacuum attached to a huge specially made bag that was permeable, which allowed the bag to be filled as full as possible. The job was done in an hour, which is about one-forth the time it would have taken to do manually. See photos below.

This is the special vacuum. Not the large diameter hose. This vacuum was connected to an external bag that was both huge and gas permeable. This latter fact allowed the bag to be filled to its maximum capacity.
The technician simply vacuums up the blown-in insulation.
Naturally, there can be some spillage. But that is also easily sucked up.