Power tools changed the landscape of home remodeling and construction. They were faster and more accurate than old fashioned hand tools. Another tool revolution happened over twenty years ago with a simple driver. That is when this tool was outfitted with a battery. This simple change allowed cordless use which gave greater mobility and safety.

Other tools followed and now you can find just about any hand tool in a cordless version. The strengths of these tools are obvious, but there are times when a corded version of a tool is a better choice. In production jobs you need to make repetitive cuts that will quickly wear down any battery. The same situation occurs when you are working with heavy/solid materials. In situations likes these it is better to plug in and deal with the mild inconvenience.

When purchasing a battery operated tool choose one that is well constructed and durable. I like tools from Milwaukee, other tradesmen like DeWalt or Makita. After you buy one cordless device it is wise to stick with that brand as you can use the batteries/chargers for other types of cordless devices.

A few cordless tools can make your project completion faster, and your overall work easier

A small battery operated circular saw.