Five years ago my friend, Mike converted a cargo van into camper van. Over the years I have helped him modify it as his needs changed. A year ago he converted his kitchen to all electric and uses a solar charging system/battery bank/inverter to power his induction burner, instant pot, and microwave oven. His former build worked, but it was very inconvenient. Mike asked me to help him modify that old kitchen, but I felt that it would be better to completely redesign and build a new cabinet for him. He did not want a sink, as he uses other methods, and the sink just took up space.

Mike agreed with my plans, and the photos below illustrate that process. Note that this cabinet was built for functional use as opposed to style. Driving down a road is not dissimilar from having the cabinet experience a small earthquake, mile after mile. See below.

We used 4 x 8 x 3/4 sheets of maple veneer plywood.
Assembling the previously cut panels.
Using a jigsaw to cut open the various compartments.
Routing out the openings to their final dimensions.
Attaching a locking drawer slide for the induction burner.
Attaching the drawer platform to the slide.
Preparing to secure the backsplash using some heavy duty glue as well as some wood screws.
Attaching stainless steel door hinges to the main cabinet.
Attaching door magnets to the cabinet. I made them flush with the edge of the shelf.
Testing the new drawer slide.
We did a test to see if everything fit. The unit was then disassembled and sprayed with several coats of clear acrylic.
The finished project. Note that the wood for the the countertop was harvested by Mike and me for another project. This wood was available and was the perfect finishing touch.
View from the front.