I’m just about finished with the completion of a music room. The room is in the lower level of my home and it is open to the rest of the house via a large doorway. The doorway looks good, but it is transparent to my son’s guitar practice. I wanted a way to preserve the look of an open space while providing some sound insulation, and I decided that the best way to do this would be by using a custom glass door.

Many offices have glass walls and enclosures and I thought that this idea could be adapted to a home. I have put in custom shower doors in many bathroom remodels, and so I knew that a door could be fabricated for this purpose. Naturally, the glass has to be tempered for safety. See photos below.

This is the door opening to our rec room which also serves as my son’s music room.
The door installed.
Another view of the door. It is surprisingly good at quieting sound from the music room.