It is the details that differentiate the professional from the amateur. Unfortunately, many professional tradespeople have giving up on craftsmanship in favor of getting the job done as quickly as possible. I’m remodeling a laundry room for a client, and she wanted a clothes rod in it. The walls of the laundry room are at an angle, so I knew that an angled rod and trim would give the most professional appearance. See photos below.

This is the area where the client wanted a clothes rod. You can see that the walls are angled.
I used a piece of scrap lumber to make an angle guide for my hole saw.
Here is the cut hole.
I cut the clothes rod using a circular saw. You have to cut slowly as the blade was not intended for metal.
Here is the hole from the other side.
A little touch-up paint is added.
A final check, everything fits well!
Here is the finished project. Simple, but refined.