A customer wanted me to improve the insulation in their attic. The first step in the process was to asses the situation, and I was very surprised at what I saw. He had bought the house over a year earlier and had the home inspected by a licensed home inspector. Clearly, that person did not do a very good job. The previous owner had installed a bathroom fan in the kitchen ceiling that he vented directly into the attic. He also also vented all of fans in the bathrooms directly into the attack.

All of their humidity was trapped in an enclosed space, a perfect zone for mold. Naturally, I’ll fix the problems. I’ll vent all of the fans correctly and then improve his insulation. It is not surprising that the home owner missed this, but it is inexcusable that the inspector did such a poor job. I have to wonder what else he missed.

This is the vent for the bathroom fan that someone had previously installed in the kitchen ceiling.
Another vent, this one from one of the bathrooms. In all there were four fans being vented directly into the attic.