If you are unfamiliar with construction you may assume that you put up drywall as soon as you have framed-out your rooms. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The spaces between your studs house the infrastructure that makes your home habitable. Electric, heating, cooling, plumbing, gas, TV/data services, and insulation; all of these resides in your walls.

When that work is done it is time to add the drywall. Think of drywall as frosting on the cake. It gives you the finished look that you want.

I know how to install drywall, but it is a time-consuming job, which is why I prefer to use a full crew when the job is big. Five men installed the drywall in the attached photos. So far they have worked two complete days, and will likely need to work a third before the job is done. After the drywall is installed it will be taped, primed, and painted.

It took several trips to the supply house to get all of the drywall needed.

Here you can see the bare studs.
This amount of drywall was needed for just the loft area.
A crew of 5 experts made the job go quickly.
Scaffolding was needed to reach the high areas.
Most of the drywall placed. I left some open areas to complete some additional outside plumbing work.