It is exciting to show off a new shiny gadget. However, one of the best things that I ever bought was neither new nor shiny. Over twenty years ago I bought a used dumpster trailer from a friend who was moving out of the area.

The trailer is not flashy, but it one of the most useful construction items that I own. It is great to haul new materials to construction sites. Its large capacity also makes it perfect to remove construction debris. In addition, it has a built in ramp that allows easy transport of my Bobcat.

As much as I like my dumpster trailer, there has always has been one thing about it that I disliked, the manual front jack. Hitching and disconnecting the trailer from my truck was a chore; it seemed like I had to turn the jack’s crank 1000 times.

Recently, I decided to do something about this first world problem; I installed an electric jack. Now with the touch of a button I can raise or lower my trailer with ease. It is surprising how a simple modification made an unpleasant task pleasant.

My trusty dumpster trailer.
The manual jack removed.
Modifying parts.
Light show.
The new electric jack.
Now with the press of a button I can easily raise or lower the front trailer jack.