There always seems to be surprises when I work on a project. When I had the water turned on to the townhouse that I purchased I checked around and everything seemed nice a dry. However, when I opened an outside spigot I discovered that the line to that faucet had burst.

The first step in the project was to turn off the house’s main water supply. The old faucet was very corroded, and I had to remove it using a reciprocating saw. This gave me easy access to the units mounting screws. On the inside of the house I heated the solder joint and separated the old faucet. I then inserted a preassembled new unit and soldered it in place. Total replacement time was under 10 minutes.

Removing the old faucet using a reciprocating saw.
It was easy to remove the mounting screws once the faucet head was cut off.
You can see the hole in the old burst pipe.
A preassembled a new unit.
The new unit soldered in place. The entire job was done is less than 10 minutes.