A common problem with front stoops is that they settle and sink. Sometimes this is just an unsightly annoyance, but at other times such sinking can actually cause structural damage.

A reason for this problem is that the soil under the stoop was disturbed prior to the pouring of it. This happens because the house foundation hole is dug larger than the house footprint, and the builders then fill in this space after the foundation is poured. It is necessary to backfill in layers, and then compact each layer. Unfortunately, most builders don’t bother to do this.

When this is not done properly the earth will settle over time on its own and the stoop will settle into that spot. It takes years for this problem to become significant enough to notice.

I’m replacing the stoop on a house which has settled significantly. It is severely tilted and cracked. This house used support columns for the home’s portico placing additional strain on this structure.

The only good way to fix this problem is to completely replace the stoop, and to place the stoop on concrete peers. I’ll show you some photos of that in the near future. Other “solutions” would only be temporary and would result in future problems for this homeowner.

This concrete sunk 3″ over 4 feet. That resulted in a significant stoop slope.
Crack caused the sinking concrete.
The stoop was about 24 feet in width.