There are two things that you can say about concrete, no one will ever steal it, and it will crack. Significant cracks can be a sign that the concrete pad is unstable. Minor cracks can look unsightly, but they are normal.

Many people simply pour liquid concrete into cracks. However, I think using a primer is a better option as it creates a better bond between the new concrete and the old concrete.

The steps to repairing minor cracks are simple.

  1. Remove all debris from the crack.
  2. Pour in some primer and force it into the crack using a trowel.
  3. Allow the primer to dry a bit.
  4. Mix up your patch concrete. I like to use hydrolytic cement because it is fine and enters small cracks.
  5. Pro tip, work quickly with this kind of cement as it has a fast cure.
A bottle of primer.
Start with primer.
Fill the cracks with cement.
trowel in the cement.
Allow the cement to dry and then clean with a power washer.