As you may recall I sourced my own wood from logs for the floors of the townhouse that I’m renovating. Some of the wood planks were pristine in quality, while others had knots, insect holes, and other imperfections.

I had quite a bit of flooring planks that were imperfect, but in their flaws I saw beauty. So many commercial wood floors are identical in their wood grain, but that is artificial and not how wood looks in nature. I wanted to use these imperfect boards for the floor in one of my rooms. To make the floor look pleasing it was necessary to randomize the wood and so I patterned the planks together before I started to lay and fix the floor. I think that the result will be an interesting and unique floor. No “photocopied” veneers here!

I placed the flooring in another room to pattern the wood.
Placing the wood is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.
The floor will have a unique and original look. People will definitely know that it didn’t come from a factory.