I’m restoring a home that had significant water damage, and the owner wanted to change a carpeted bedroom to one with a hardwood floor. When the home was built the builder didn’t make sure that the floor was level, but that was hidden by the carpeting. However, this needed to be corrected as the hump in the middle of the room would be quite obvious. See photos below for how I managed this problem.

This bedroom floor had a hump in the middle. To solve this I used two pieces of plywood and then filled in the middle section with wood strips. I measured the strips at the high end of the floor and then at the low end. I used my Festool track saw (precision saw) to cut an angled strip. this evened out the floor.
The floor was laid on these strips yielding a level and solid hardwood floor.
I added a foam glue in between the strips to add extra support. In the end I built a very solid and level floor for my customer. Sometimes you need to go that extra mile to make sure that the job is just right.