Many homes built in the 70s and 80s sported linoleum tile which was touted as being economical and easy to install. However, fashion changes and for many years ceramic and porcelain tiles have been the go-to choice for home owners. These tiles are more durable (however, they can chip).

If you remove a linoleum tile floor you will find an impenetrable glue residue surface. If you try to place ceramic tiles on top of this surface you will quickly discover that they won’t stick. However, the solution is simple. Spread a thin layer of a compound call Ardex on the surface, place a fan on it, and 30 minutes later you are ready to install your ceramic tiles. See photos below.

This is the glue residue left after we removed the old linoleum tiles.
Ardex goes on and dries quickly. We are ready to place the ceramic tiles!