Flooring trends come and go, and what was old becomes new and improved. Vinyl flooring has been around for a long time, but it was supplanted by ceramic, then porcelain, then wood flooring. Vinyl flooring is back, but it is very much improved from the stick-on tiles of the 1980s.

LVT can be made into planks that are both colored and textured to look like real wood. They can be quickly installed and they may have additional properties that include water resistance. They are the the perfect choice for basements, but they have also found their way onto main floors due to their excellent appearance, as well as their ease of installation and maintenance.

I am doing a remodel for a customer’s basement. The large area had both traditional carpeting and tile sections. The tile area had to be scraped off, and the area then had to be smoothed to so that the LVT “wood” planks could be installed. See photos below. I think that the results turned out beautifully.

Old tiles removed and self-leveling compound poured over the floor.
A bonding agent is applied to help bind the tiles to the concrete.
Now sanding down the entire floor so it is completely smooth.
Adhesive applied to the floor in preparation for tile placement.
A beautiful new floor laid in a single day.
Another angle of the new floor.