One of my subcontractors accidentally damaged the wood floor on a remodel that I was doing. This accident posed a significant problem for me as the normal solution would be to replace a section of the floor, then sand and re-stain the entire floor. Not only would this be very expensive, but it would also be a great inconvenience to the customer. I had to think outside the box, but I eventually came up with a workable solution (after a little trial and error). See the photos below for the details.

My first attempt was to fill the damaged area with epoxy. Obviously, that didn’t work out.
Attempt two was to isolate the area and to cut out part of the plank using a router. First I cut into the plank in a perpendicular manner.
I then cut across the section so I could remove it.
I made a jig for the next step.
Here I’m using the jig and a router to plane down the new piece of wood to the level of the sanded floor.
Here you can see the new planks added and planed to the surface of the original floor.
Now it was time to apply some stain.
The floor was buffed and the final finish was applied.
Job done. No one would ever know that the floor was repaired!