You may recall that I installed a heater in my garage. There is nothing like getting into a warm car on a cold day! However, the garage was uninsulated, and I was losing a lot of heat to the outside. Naturally, I needed to insulate the space. There are many types of insulations and each has pros and cons.

One of the best insulations is foam. Foam comes in two types, open cell and closed cell. Each type of foam has its advantages and disadvantages. Closed cell foam has a higher R value (it insulates better), and it can also serve as a vapor barrier. Open cell foam expands more, making it a good choice for hard to reach places. In addition, it is much less expensive than closed cell foam.

For this application I chose open cell foam. This type of insulation must be done correctly, or it won’t cure properly. See the photos below for more details. Always use a reputable installer, this is not a DIY type project.

The foaming machine is located in this large box truck.
The inside of the truck shows the barrels of foaming chemicals. At the back of the truck you can see the foaming machine. This heats the chemicals so they can expand. It is necessary to connect the machine to the homes fuse box for power. You can also see the hose used to foam in this photo.
The installer protects surfaces that will not be foamed.
The foam is skillfully applied. Excess will be shaved off once the foam hardens.
The completed job. Note that the excess foam has been shaved off.
Wide angle shot. The garage is now nice and toasty. Drywall will be placed over the foam.