There are many projects that the home DIYer can accomplish with a little reading, or by watching some YouTube videos. However, there are other projects that are best left to professionals.

A customer wanted me to install a bathroom sink. This was a free standing sink that had a metal base. On the surface such an install looked simple, but it required quite a bit of work to install it properly. See the photos below.

This photo shows the sink with its own support mounts. I had to make sure that it lined up properly with the open base, and I didn’t want to damage the wall so I created a masking tape guide. I also had to make my own sink brackets to mount the sink on the wall, and I had to drill large holes so I could insert the brackets. Handy tools included a hole saw and a laser level. Other items that I needed were my third hand supports.
These are the brackets that I made which were installed behind the wallboard. They will directly support the sink.
I marked off the masking tape guide so I knew where everything was supposed to go.
Here you can see my homemade mounts inserted behind the wallboard.
The sink just about installed. You can see the third hand supports being used. They are very helpful in these types situations.