The townhouse that I’m renovating has a two story ceiling with many angles. Now that the wallboard is in place it is time to prime them. Naturally, this could be done with a traditional brush or roller, but that would be very time consuming. I’m fortunate to have a Graco air/airless paint sprayer. In its airless mode it can output quite a bit of paint, and it can easily cover hard to reach corners without the use of a brush. The sprayer leaves a very even professional coating that is ideal for items like trim. However, wall typically have texture in them so I quickly ran a wide roller up the walls once the initially spraying was completed. By using a sprayer I saved a lot of time priming my walls.

This sprayer can spray in both an airless and an air mode. The airless mode allows for a greater paint flow, so this is what I used on this project. No matter what mode you use it is common for the air to fill with micro paint droplets. This isn’t an issue at a construction site, but it could be in a furnished home. Lastly, it is imperative to wear proper gear. I wore a hazmat suite, and used a respirator. I don’t need to be breathing paint droplets. See photos below.

My Graco air/airless sprayer can handle 5 gallon buckets of pain.
I also used an 18″ roller to add texture once I had had sprayed the paint.
Spraying in full gear.
A roller added some texture. Note the unfinished walls in the background.
More spraying.
Rolling a wall.
The finished room looks so much cleaner. I still have to paint one of the back walls.