Sometimes something bad can turn out to be something good. A customer’s second floor toilet leaked while they were on vacation. This caused tremendous damage to their basement, first, and second floors. Naturally, this was a very stressful event. However, there is a silver lining as their 1990s style house can now be updated to be more consistent with the new millennium. Case in point, their fireplace. See photos below for details.

This is their fireplace. It is in a style reminiscent to the 1990s, with dark brick and a brick ledge instead of a more traditional mantel.
My first task was to build a more traditional mantel. This involved chipping away the original brick ledge and then custom building a new mantel. The new piece will be stained to match the new oak floors.
The next step was to whitewash the brick giving the room a more modern, yet warm look.
This is the wash that we used.