When a fire strikes the results can be devastating. I have been working on a long term project to restore a fire damaged home. This post will be one of many, as we look at before and after images.

A fire started in this homeowner’s garage. In a matter of minutes it destroyed that portion of the house and totaled three cars. The resulting smoke from the fire, and water from the fire department damaged the rest of the structure.

Although the initial results were terrible it did allow the homeowner to rethink his entire house. In the place of an asphalt driveway he now has a concrete one. The roof of the garage was turned into a dormer, giving the owner a new fantastic and large bonus room.

No one wants deal with this kind of loss. However, in the end the owner has a house that has been customized to his specifications.

A house destroyed by fire.
Front view of the new garage with bonus room above.
Side view of new garage with bonus room above.