A number of months ago I was contracted to restore a house that had major flood damage on all three levels of the residence. A second floor toilet leaked when the owners were on vacation, and this simple problem completely ruined much of the second, first, and lower level floors.

Directly below the bathroom was the kitchen, laundry room, study, and a powder room. All required a complete renovation from ceiling to floor. This was was a major restoration. The owners saw this as an opportunity to update other portions of their house, including the family room which had a distinctive 90s vibe. Here are some before and after photos.


The bathroom where the leak started.
The kitchen, nothing could be salvaged.
The dining area looking into the family room. You can see that half of the flooring in the family room was also destroyed. Also note the 90s style fireplace with a brick mantle which was popular in the day.


Here is a “after” shot of the kitchen.
Built in lighting in this cabinet upgrades its already nice appearance.
Another kitchen shot.
The dining area. Now a beautiful place to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Their upgraded dining room. We added the panels on the dining room wall.
We did a custom rebuild of the staircase, including detailed custom posts.
Here is the family room with a new floor and a modernized fireplace. We whitewashed the fireplace and I made a custom mantle to give it a more modern look.
Here is a shot of their new bathroom post flood.