I am about to start a restoration project on a home that suffered water damage. That damage was caused by a toilet leaking while the owners were on vacation. It is surprising how much damage can happen with a simple water leak. In this case there was significant damage on all floors of the home, which will require major restoration. See photos below for more details.

The toilet in this 2nd floor bath leaked. That leakage also significantly damaged two bedroom, and the upstairs foyer.
The leak was directly above the home’s laundry room.
Here you can see some of the devastation of the first floor. The flooring in the family room, kitchen, laundry room, study, 1st floor bath, and hall were all significantly damage and will need to be replaced. Many rooms will require new drywall, and several, including the kitchen, will need to be completely renovated.
The basement was also impacted with damage effecting the drywall, carpeting and ceiling. It is likely that several walls will need to have all of their drywall removed and replaced.