It is common practice to vent a cooktop.  By having a venting system you can reduce cooking aromas.  However, most microwaves recirculate directly into the kitchen.  This may be OK when you want the delicious smell of popcorn, but it can be less desirable when you are reheating fish.

More of my customers are choosing to use an over the range microwave in their new kitchen remodels.  These devices look like regular microwave ovens but they are designed to mount above the cooktop.  They typically have a system the vents both the cooktop and the microwave to the outside.  This requires some simple duct work.

In the photos below you can see this process. Naturally, if you decide on this product it makes the most sense to mount your new microwave and cooktop close to an outside wall.  Otherwise, you are wasting cabinet space by filling them with ducts.

Dual purpose vent (stove and microwave).

Duct installed.

Outside venting.








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