When most people think about insulation they imagine the pink fibrous stuff. This is a common form of insulation that has some benefits, but it also has some negatives.

There has been another type of insulation that has been around for years, foam insulation.  This type of insulation is somewhat more expensive than the pink fiberglass and it comes in two forms, open cell and closed cell.  Both offer a better R value and better sealing than fiberglass insulation.

These types of insulation are being used more than in the past because of stricter energy requirements by building codes.

Foam insulation requires expert installation as two separate agents are mixed onsite to create the foam.  It the foam is applied incorrectly it will not cure and it will emit a noxious odor that can also cause health problems. My installer has over 20 years of experience with all types of insulation including foam.

Foam insulation can save you energy money, but never use an inexperienced installer.

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