Many homes built in the 1940s through the 1970s had small kitchens and small dining rooms.  This was the fashion of the day.  However, times and tastes change.  Our lifestyles are more casual now, and it is more important to have useable spaces than formal rooms.

I just finished a remodel in the Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn.  The home was build in the 1960s and the kitchen had a standard remodel some time after that.  However, both the kitchen and dining room were cramped.  I consulted with the owner and they wanted to open the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.  They had talked to other contractors who told them that it could not be done, as the wall was load bearing.  I explored the problem and felt that I could give them what they wanted.

As you can see by the before and after photos, the job turned out very well.  Their new space is both casual and elegant.  Two small spaces have become one great functional room that can be adapted to many different roles.

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Before Photo

After shot what a difference!