I needed to install a railing on the loft that I created in the townhouse that I’m remodeling. It is possible to buy commercially fabricated railings, but they tend to be of a generic styles that are popular at that moment in time. I’m styling this townhome to have a mid-century 60s vibe, and you can’t buy that style at Home Depot.

I wanted to have a simple horizontal railing that had a clean look. I contracted a custom metal fabricator who used tubular steel to make the components, which he then welded together. The railing was powder coated black, but you could coat it in any color that you wished.

These types of railings are much more expensive than commercially available ones based not only on their craftsmanship, but also on the more limited buying resources of the fabricator. Because of the expense I had the fabricator install the railing, it is not a DIY project. If you are interested in this type of work search Google for a custom metal fabricator in your area. See the photos below to see some before and after photos.

The loft from below.
The loft from above looking down into the great room.
Railing installed. The plastic is there to protect the railing and walls from a spray painting project that I’m working on.
Another view of the railing from below.
From above, you can see the opening for the staircase.
Above, from the opposite angle.